Saturday, February 20, 2010

Movies to Make Before I Die - List 3

3.) Silence in the Market Place: Well.. The inspiration for this one is nothing but my own life... my own spiritual journey... some books I have read... my brother... After so many trips within, I still cannot find a way... I still cannot find that path which will take me to that eternal stillness that the great masters speak about... That silence...

As you would have probably got it... the world or the society or form of our civilisation that we are exposed to is so similar to a market place... So many things to see and use... So many chatter... So many temptations... So many noises... How does one find peace here? How does one find silence? So frustrated, 1 young man gets out to seek some solace.. some answers... Selling everything off... Full of grit to live on essentials... He goes to spiritual places, holy places... Meets interesting people... Hears them... Hears different ways to salvation... Then he experiments them on himself... But he still cannot find what he is looking for... He has answered the call of the forest... But yet... And then one day... He feels that after all these years, he still has many temptations to be conquered... So probably, running away from the marketplace might not be the answer... He needs to be in this world... but not of it.. and still, not in it.... He comes back again to start his journey again of finding silence in the marketplace... THE END.


  1. oh yes so right matter what you do... go from kailash to kerala or back from kanyakumari to kailash, go zigzagzooooo, churn ur brains! walk summersalt, go crazy ...its no point, no point in all this when you dont find peace within yourself... when one fails to feel and find whats around us ..

    In the Market case, i guess all one needs to do is go back to the market and retrospect what were the good things happened to him there, some of the good people he met there, cherish those moments - perhaps the answer/quest lies there. You know although the Market is such a busy place, there were times which were worth while- like an 'enlightenment'. So, like the alcamist
    the answer was just there right in front of him and he failed to notice it! and now that the time has flown..days have passed...but, there is a hope ! he is still welcomed to the market complete the circle of life feel those good things/experience/elements/soul around him again and feel them until end.

  2. You make such a valid point... it is very true... Who else can tell this to me, but my Lady so bright!!

  3. If at all it were running away.. Then Into the Wild is the movie you are talking about..

    About the marketplace.. I think enough "markets" are already ruling my life..

  4. Into the Wild is a movie which is very close to my heart. I feel the protagonist is sort of more influenced from the poets and pushed away due to his parent's marterialistic ways. He was a very simple human being and wanted to feel and live like one and in harmony with nature. It was spiritual but yet not in a very conscious way and not exactly a self-directed journey towards self realization. But still the movie is awesome and it is very close to my heart. The story is inspirational. May Christopher McCandless' soul rest in peace and only progress further towards the supreme truth.