Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mahabharata/Jaya - Rescuing Duryodhana and Ramayana

"Bhima, Arjuna, Go save Duryodhana." Thus spoke Yuddhistira on learning that Duryodhana had been captured by the Gandharvas (Forest tribe).

Karna instigated Duryodhana to go to the forest and gloat in the vicinity of the Pandavas. This was to make the Pandavas feel more sad and tempt them to attack. During their stay in the forest, Duryodhana's camp were attacked by Gandharvas (Forest tribe). On learning this, Yuddhistira commanded Bhima and Arjuna to help him. At first, they objected but then Yuddhistira reminded them that to help the helpless is the Kshatriya Dharma (warrior code).  Yuddhistira has always been dispassionate follower of the laws and this incident just shows it. Arjuna and Bhima then defeated the Gandharva soldiers and freed Duryodhana. In some retellings, Karna was also captured while in some he had escaped the place but came back to free Duryodhana just when Arjuna and Bhima freed Duryodhana. Anyways, the kauravas and Karna felt extremely humiliated by this incident. It also shows the political foresight of Yuddhistira. He knew if Duryodhana was captured and executed by Gandharvas (forest tribes) then they will have to fight with Gandharvas to reclaim their land. If Duryodhana was free, then it is quite possible that he might return the land once Pandavas complete their exile.

Once Yuddhistira was very sad and upset because of the continous rants of his brothers and Draupadi who accused him for everything. He thought that there was no one who had suffered more than him. This is when Sage Markandeya narrated to him the story of Ram. He indicated how Ram had left his kingdom in exile for 14 years to hold his father's promise true, Sita accompanied him out of her sense of duty and Lakshama out of his brotherly love and loyalty. Sita was then later kidnapped by his wife but and Ram had to travel to Lanka to fight with Ravana to win her back. At the end, he was crowned king of Ayodhya. This showed Yuddhistira as well as us that there will always be someone who has suffered more.

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