Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mahabharata/Jaya - Krishna meets Pandavas

"To keep your word is Dharma". Thus spoke Krishna to Pandavas and Draupadi reminding them to complete the entire 13 years of exile before taking any further action.

Dwaraka was attacked by Sishupal's friends soon after his death. That is the reason Krishna had to leave Indraprastha and rush back to Dwaraka.

Krishna came to meet the Pandavas as soon as the battle was over and he heard about their exile. The younger brothers stated that since Yuddhistira lost the stake, only he is bound by the stake. They can fight and win back their kingdom. Krishna completely condoned them saying, "None of you stopped Yuddhistira from raising the stakes. Your pride had prevented you from withdrawing. Duryodhana did not force you to stake your wife. But you allowed it and did not protest it. You all are equally responsible for whatever happened. So now keep your word and suffer. In doing so, is Dharma".

Then to Draupadi he said, "You yourself rejected Karna in the name of caste. He would have never staked you  or infact, not even shared with his brothers. So your actions have brought all this as well. Now you to will have to suffer for that."

This incident just shows Krishna's hold on social codes and individual truths. He is also a great orator and Pandavas follow him. Politically, Krishna also knew that if the Pandavas had gone to wage a war no one would support them. The others will tag them as the ones who staked their kingdom and wife and now going against their own word. At the moment, the weight of justice was not with Pandavas. 
He knows how to reconcile between the individual laws along with the social code with a political outlook. 

In another instant, Duryodhana had purposely sent Sage Durvasa and his disciples to the forest to stay with Pandavas. This was purposely done as Sage Duravasa was known for his temper and to curse anyone if they fall short in serving him. They reached the Pandavas' hut after lunch time. There was no food in the house. Sage Durvasa informed Yuddhistira that they will have lunch after having a bath in the river. The Pandavas and Draupadi were worried of his wrath as there was no food at home. Just then Krishna came to the hut and asked for food. Draupadi sadly showed her empty vessels to Krishna. Krishna spotted a grain of rice in the utensil and ate it and claimed, " That was filling". At the same time, Sage Durvasa and his disciples who were having bath felt their hunger was satiated. Hence, they did not go to Pandavas's hut for eating and left.

This shows that thinking about God/Self/Truth/Universe intensely and serving with whatever you have (no matter hwo little) would earn more merits or is a more divine service than feeding saints and sages. It also shows that God/Self/Truth/Universe will come to their rescue. At the time of writing this, I am myself experiencing gratitude for some turn of events recently.

In some retellings, Krishna instructs Yuddhistira to meditate on Sun God. Sun God then gives Draupadi a magic vessel which will always have food. I would believe that this indicates that over the period of time Pandavas' attained the knowledge  of locating food and surviving in the forest

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