Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mahabharata/Jaya - Birth of Duryodhana and the rest of the Kauravas

"He will bring misfortune. Let us be rid of him". Thus spoke Vidura at the birth of Duryodhana. he had predicted this from the way palace dogs were wailing. This shows that man, if wise enough, can read the signs of what is going to happen from nature.

Gandhari was distraught when she heard that Kunti, who had conceived after her, gave birth to Yuddhistira. Gandhari had been carrying for 2 years now and after hearing this news, she hit her abdomen with an iron bar so as to forcefully deliver the child. Instead, a lump of flesh came out. Rishi Vyasa helped her by breaking this ball of flesh to 101 pieces and storing it in separate jars. Thus were born the hundred sons and one daughter of Gandhari and Dhritharashtra. They were to be called the Kauravas.

Duryodhana's jar was the first to be opened. When he came out is when the Vidura read the signs and requested the above. Gandhari refused. Only if people were intelligent enough to listen to the wise. But, Gandhari had already put a blindfold on herself. So maybe, it was to show how limited her vision was. But then, in the future, we will see that she had a good knowledge about Dharma and tried to convince Duryodhana and his brothers to follow the same. Also, this peculiar birth would indicate that the rishis of then had the required scientific knowledge of creating and developing embryo. 

During her long pregnancy, Dhritharashtra had slept with a maid out of whom was born Yuyutsu. He too like Vidura was fit but can never ascend to the throne as he was born of a low class mother.

In the meantime, Kunti had borne 2 more children. Bhima was born at the same time as Duryodhana. Madri had given birth to the twins. Then one day, Pandu could not resist himself and forced himself on Madri while she was in middle of a bath (or coming after a bath). Madri too did not put much of a fight but the curse took effect and Pandu died. Madri, maybe feeling guilty or feared living in the palace accused of causing the young king's death, performed a Sati - Burnt herself on the pyre along with the cremation of her husband. She handed over her twins to Kunti. This is when she stated," Me or you, who would you have rather look after the children alone?". This shows the strength of Kunti and the belief of Madri. Madri knew she cannot be strong enough to take care of another woman's children as hers and she wont be able to live in the politics of the palace.

Kunti took all the children and returned to the palace. 

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