Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mahabharata/Jaya - Shikandi, Dhrishtadhyumna and Draupadi

"A son to kill Drona. A son to kill Bhishma. A daughter who will marry into the Kuru household and divide it". Thus prayed Drupada invoking the mighty Shiva who blessed him so.

After graduation day of the Pandavas and Kauravas, Drona exacted his revenge on King Drupada. He asked his students to capture and  bring Drupada alive to him as Guru Dakshina (fees). All the princes went and fought with the forces. Arjuna, the intelligent one, cried out to his brothers that Drupada was the target and not the other soldiers. So they just directed themselves towards him, removing anyone who came between them and Arjuna climbed up into Drupada's chariot and held him captive. Later, Bhima tied him with a rope and the Pandavas gifted him to Drona. Drona said to Drupada "Now you are a slave and not my friend. All your kingdom is mine. But then, I will distribute this kingdom into half between us. Now you are my friend again as we are equals now. As your friend, I am also taking one cow from your side." Then he released Drupada.

Drupada could not bear this humiliation. He invoked Lord Shiva to take revenge on Drona and Drona's students. Man, though forgiven for his mistake will not accept it and wants to retribute those trivial insults. Here both Drona and Drupada had forgotten forgiveness is one of the most important dharma.

Drupada's wife got him a daughter. The astrologers told him that this child will later be a man. It was none other than Amba's rebirth whose life was ruined by Bhishma. I will delve on this more during the chapters on the great war.

Drupada then sought the help of Yaja and Upayaja who knew the secret art of creating a magic potion which if consumed by women would produce children. When it was time to give the magic potion to Drupada's wife during the yagna, the queen was having a bath. The sages said that these things cannot wait and threw the potions to the fire. From this fire was born Dhrishtadyumna (destined to kill Drona) and Draupadi (who will marry into the kuru clan and divide it). They were born at their youth stage itself. Maybe this was just an elaborate creative license to cover up the fact that Drupad might have adopted them to devise his strategy. 

This story was narrated to the Pandavas while they were living in the forest by Sage Dhaumya. Sage Dhaumya had advised them to come with him to the feast organized for Draupadi's swayamwara. Kunti saw this as a great opportunity to get a powerful ally. 

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