Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life Is a Joke

"Life is a joke... The whole existence is a joke". This is a quote from Osho in some of his books. I have read it a lot of times. Haha... over the past few months, it has really struck me.

Nowadays when I read newspaper, I have a little smile or a smirk in my face. Yeah, really! I mean to read it and see what we humans are doing and how really lost we are. It might be about some government corruption or some tragic case or sports news. Ha, how much importance we give to ourselves. Yeah, it is a survival instinct but the way we have blown it up is really horrendous.

Does the sun care if I live or I die or if I am drowning or if I am burning? It will keep emitting light as long as the gas is burnt up. To be honest, I sometimes feel that if Sun had a concsiousness (like ours), it would laugh at us. It would say "Look at them, running around... Earths most intelligent species. They create divisions based on some boundaries (which I cant see and dont care), raping their own home and support some values (whatever that is is).. haa, Intelligent".

Life is a joke. It is something that I remember everyday in the morning now. How I wish I could announce it to the word? Really, in the office I see little young interns who are already cribbing about their teammates or are so serious about their "project". Hahah, how do I say that this needless significance is really ruining their "fun" at such an early age. How do I tell them to laugh it out and not take it too seriously? Then there are others experienced hires. They ask me why I am not yet an Associate or some title. I find it funny nowadays and do not even care. I laugh it out as a response, but that only gets them more serious for some reason.

Life is joke and so am I. Really! Nowadays, when I am driving and I get irritated at anyone, i remind myself of that. Then, I laugh. Hahaha... that is all there is. I do not want to fall in the trap (in which I have been for more than 28 years of this life) where I give too much importance to oneself. Whenever I get too serious about enlightenment and all that stuff, I remind myself that it is still all a joke. Just a cosmic sense of humor.

So people, all I want to state here is just laugh all your worries away and see how small or negligible they all are.



  1. Ani Swami:

    Yes, so very true. The main tragi-comedy part is that for most by the time, they realize the joke and start laughing, life maybe over...

  2. Thats true.But once you realize this fact do you really feel like doing anything?